Looking for a Vegan Restaurant?

Here’s an extensive guide to vegetarian/vegan restaurants near you.
Restaurant Listings in Your City — The Vegetarian Resource Group
Just enter your state, then pick 2 cities near you. I chose Chicago plus an outlying burb and found more vegan and vegan friendly restaurants there than I have ever seen listed in one place on the web. Very informative reviews as well.

Vegan Spinach Dip

Here’s a fantastic, completely vegan spinach dip. I insist you serve
it at your next party for your non-vegan, non-vegetarian friends and
watch them chow it like its totally decadent.


I use the recipe on the back of the Knorr Vegetable Soup, Dip and
Recipe Mix, and with a few very careful substitutions it becomes
totally vegan and I think more delicious.


You decide if you want to tell them its vegan or not.

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Almost Vegan

This is what I mean by almost vegan. Below is a quick and easy to make frozen treat from Amy’s. (I have no affiliation with Amy’s, but I’d be happy to sell advertising to her!)
The soy cheese on this pizza melts nicely and is very tasty. There’s a naughty reason for that – a hint of milk proten that makes it, in my mind, ALMOST VEGAN. Almost… but darn close and I’d say close enough.