Vegan Carrot Cake

Carrot cake for Easter seems to fit. I think I’ll leave a piece out for the Easter bunny.
Fresh Carrots
Don’t even think about making this a layer cake, just be happy to be eating tasty carrot cake as a vegan and count your blessings. I tried to get fancy and ended up eating a lot of gooey, broken pieces of cake that I could not paste together for the life of me.
This recipe does it in a 9×12 pan. Good enough.

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Dole’s VEGAN Fruit-and-Gel Bowls

Jodee, an Almost Vegan reader who was kind enough to email me, gave me this tip. She wrote me this in an email first:

“I know the feeling of wanting something you never cared about before you couldn’t have it – isn’t that funny?
I am an avid label reader – so if I’m standing next to something at the market you can bet I”ll read the label – DOLE lime gel cups with pineapple in teeny-tiny letters at the bottom of the package says – no animal products!”

Then Jodee did her homework and followed up by sending me an email she received from Dole themselves.
Dear Jodee,
We appreciate your interest in Dole Food Company. We’re glad to provide the information you requested and hope it is useful.
DOLE Fruit-N-Gel Bowls do not contain any animal sourced ingredrients. The gel is derived from plant. The gel is made of Carrageenan and Locust Bean Gum. The two main ingredients that form the gel in this product are carrageenan (derived from red kelp) and locust bean gum (from the locust tree seed). These polysaccharides are like starch and they form a gel when combined with water. No gelatin is used in our gels and they are free from animal-sourced ingredients.
Try our other flavors:
DOLE Fruit-n-Gel Lime Gel w/Pineapple
DOLE Fruit-n-Gel Orange Gel w/Mandarin Oranges
DOLE Fruit-n-Gel Strawberry Gel w/Peaches
DOLE Fruit-n-Gel Reduced Sugar Pears in Kiwi-Berry Gel
DOLE Fruit-n-Gel Mixed Fruit in Black Cherry Gel.
Thanks so much for the gel(lo), Jodee.

Soy Boy’s New Website!

Soyboy Logo
Making Soyboy RavioliLook at this – Soy Boy’s New Website!
It is really nice with shots of the actual people making the food and great quotes like: “Traditional tofu masters have a saying that there are two things they will not show another person: how to make babies and how to make tofu.” – The Book of Tofu
I learned of their new site, because a very nice man in their company emailed me today. He happened upon my Almost Vegan review of their Soy Boy ravioli and here is his review of my review:
Hello Denise,
I just stumbled across your review of our tofu ravioli and was thrilled to read it. We don’t think you could have put it any better. I printed it out and have it hanging in our break room so everyone here can see it. That kind of positive feedback really means a lot to us. I also wanted to let you know that we do have two other varieties of ravioli and several other products that you can see at, now that the site is up. Thanks for the support!
Kind regards,
Northern Soy, Inc.
345 Paul Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Tel: (585)235-8970
Fax: (585)235-3753