Happy 4th of July

bottle_rocket_lg_wht.gifAnother holiday with my family, big fun! If you remember the last one – take a look – I half starved.
This time I am stocking up on good, vegan chow. Amy’s burger offerings are giving me a hand. I have recently gotten hooked on the California Burger, it’s a great departure from the norm, no soy in it. Vegetables, grains, walnuts, and mushrooms. It is very good fried. I had it once on the grill and I think they over cooked it, because it was hard as a rock.
California Burger
Thanks Amy’s!
All American Burger
If you are going to grill you might want to opt for the All American Burger. It does have soy, (which I do love, thank God) and vegetables and grains as well.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe extended weekend. ENJOY!

Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate is dangerous. Most of the time it has milk in it, even dark chocolate often times has milk in it.
Marzipan Bar
Ritter Sport Marzipan Dark Chocolate Bar
Well, Eliza Tudor and her husband Lance Sykes (I hear Eliza’s husband is not vegan, but sounds very supportive because he is an active label reader – wish I had one!) sent me an email telling me about a Marzipan Bar, which is chocolate with a marshmallow *(correction – the filling is almond paste) filling and is vegan. They love it, but I must admit I have never had one.
Well, you can buy a Marzipan Bar online at Vegan Essentials and on that page are listed a bunch more vegan chocolate treats. So many I got really excited, stuff like: Soymilk chocolate bites, chocolate syrup, white chocolate chips, French vegan chocolate fondue, and it goes on an on.
Thanks so much Eliza!
*Thanks for the correction, JM

Mama Mary’s Vegan Pizza Crust

Want a quick and easy Almost(= cheese w/casein) Vegan pizza? Then try this ready made crust. It’s vegan, unlike Boboli (which I love, but it has cheese in it).
Mama Mary's Pizza Crust
I put a good amount of sauce on it, lots of veggies, and lots of soy cheese and it was pretty good. Not as good as my made from scratch deep dish mind you, (recipe to follow… incredible) but passable when you want something quick and its not too expensive either.

Goodby Austin… Hello Wal-Mart

Veggie Heaven    

Veggie Heaven
Tragic email I received today (below). Ellen, has (I believe) lived in Austin all her life. Her parents are vegetarians and she is vegan. The sad part is, for whatever reason, she has to move. She is going to a town called Beaumont, in Texas also, and it doesn’t sound good. Check her comment on Wal-Mart has Soy Yogurt — YEEEEHAAAA!!!!
What she has done for us is celebrate her home town of Austin by sending me an email listing her favorite vegan restaurants. Take a look and thanks Ellen.
Wow. I live in Austin. I’m about to move and I’ve had a really sheltered life if you think about it. Two vegan restaurants and countless vegetarian restaurants (including a vegetarian coffee house that’ll make anything vegan).
I thought that you might find these restaurants interesting. I suggest that anyone who wants good vegan food, take a trip to Austin.
Nu Age
Has a vegan custard even! Vegan risotto! (And I found it hard to find vegetarian risotto.)
Veggie Heaven
All vegan items clearly marked on the board! Wonderful food, wonderful lemonade.
Cafe de Luz
Vegan restaurant. The only one I haven’t been too. Supposed to be wonderful.
Mr. Natural’s
Not my favorite. The food is a little bland.
Bouldin Creek
The coffee house I was talking about earlier. When I’m craving breakfast tacos, I can get vegan ones here.
West Lynn Cafe
Upscale vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. My vegetarian parents love to go there.
As you can see, Austin is quite veggie friendly.