Creamy White Beans With ‘Nduja, Kale, and Gremolata Breadcrumbs Recipe

bean soup

From the post on Serious Eats: “Beans and greens are a classic duo that works for saucing pasta, topping crusty grilled bread, or on its own as a simple and hearty soup. For this simple weeknight recipe, we give creamy white beans and earthy lacinato kale a funky, fiery, porky boost with the addition of ‘nduja.”

Now the queston is – what the heck is ‘nduja? And the answer is not gonna thrill you: PORK. Poor people’s ground pork, which means the stuff nobody wanted to eat mixed with such spicy stuff you don’t mind so much.

The answer to that problem about the pork is a video I found on youtube called Miami Vegan Nduja Made Nice, by Ellen Kanner

Follow the link below to get this recipe made vegan.

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Fogaiyya (Stew from Gaza City)

dish from Gaza

How sad am I about Gaza. Tragic for both sides of this argument. Both sides mostly just want a nice place to live. Just horrible.

I have been watching the streams and looking for information about the conflict and I happened upon this recipe from Gaza City. So, in honor of the souls that live in Gaza, I thought I’d share this. I am going to make this vegan.

The recipe post reads: “A popular stew traditionally made in large batches on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr in Gaza’s interior to be shared with family, neighbors and friends. Made with small chunks of beef or lamb, chard, rice and chickpeas and generously doused with lemon juice and fried garlic. Recipe from Saudi Aramco World Magazine, November/December 2011.”

Make it vegan -* Now you can use Juicy Marbles Whole-Cut Loin, but to me that may be an insult to the very strapped people of Gaza. So maybe if we are going with the beef version use one of the cheaper suggestions in the Hungarian Goulash Recipe I posted a few weeks back. Or if you want to go with the lamb version, we may be on the verge of vegan lamb. Read this hopeful article about Black Sheep Foods introducing vegan lamb on VegNews.

Anyways, pick your fake meat and let’s eat like the people of Gaza. Here’s the link to the original non-vegan recipe >>

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What’s for Thanksgiving?

I know we’re not near the holiday yet, but gotta plan ahead. I found a great website called Fake Meats. Want a real looking turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner and have a whole bunch of money to spend? (well over $100)

vegan whole turkey

Vegetarian Plus – Vegan Whole Turkey

If you have a freezer, it is not too early to find your Thanksgiving food. I noticed on the Fake Meats site that one of my holiday favorites is already sold out: Tofurkey Plant Based Turkey Style Roast – Filled with wild Rice Stuffing.

Oh well, they usually carry it at Meijer before the holiday.

Taco Bell!

On October 12, Taco Bell will debut Vegan Nacho Sauce that customers can pair with the chain’s vegan-certified Nacho Fries instead of the dairy-based nacho cheese sauce. This marks the fast-food chain’s first vegan offering to be made available across all of its 7,836 locations.

From the site If you have not found this site yet, I suggest you take a look. Great veg news.

Veg News, Vegan Taco Bell Nacho Fries >>

Finally starting to cool down in Michigan

Continuing with our weather theme, it is starting to cool down and seem like fall could actually happen. So, I saw this article about stews. Yum. Looking forward to some hearty stew on a cold day.

Goulash (Hungarian Beef and Paprika Stew) Recipe

Gonna make it veganThis old-fashioned goulash is loaded with vegetables and beef for a hearty winter meal.

Now, it will take a bit to make this stew vegan, but I think it will be well worth it and work out very well.

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