Vegan Chocolates from Sjaak’s

Purchase Tasty Vegan Chocolates Online at Sjaak'sVegan Chocolates, YUM!!!
The folks at Sjaak’s sent me an incredible assortment of their vegan chocolates this week, about 2-3 days ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now while there were a great number of small bite-size pieces in one bag, and all their vegan chocolates bars in another… all of it is gone.
I ate them all!!!
These are good chocolates. They even have vegan caramel, which was really good. So were the peanut butter and the almond butter creams, as well as the really tasty acai bites (try these). They have beautiful vegan assortments in boxes, tubs, and pretty gift packages.
For vegans, can you believe it?
And we’re talking real vegan chocolates. Organic, and fair trade too. Read the text at the top of Sjaak’s vegan chocolates webpage: They even state that the sugar they use is non bone char. Do visit their website, you can purchase all of their amazing vegan chocolates online.
I’m gonna buy some more…