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Danielle, a very nice but perfect stranger, left a comment on my ‘Best Cookie In the Galaxy’ post that I thought I’d share.

Danielle says she thought, before reading about the Alternative Baking Company cookies, that Liz Lovely [no longer makes cookies] made the best vegan cookies.

Cowboy Cookies
The Cowboy Cookie is the pick of the herd. Hearty oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies just loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts chunks coated generously on the bottom and decorated on top with rich, dark chocolate.

Well, I had to check the source of her post and found a really funny and insightful blog called

A really cool school teacher’s view of the world.

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  1. if there’s a trader joe’s market in your area, i also recommend their brand of vegan cookies. you’ll find them in paper bags in the bread section. so far, i’ve tried the chocolate chip and oatmeal chocolate chip.


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