Healthy Vegan Munchies

I actually am trying to cut down on hydrogenated fats so I went to the store and looked for some popcorn. Gosh, what trouble finding some without butter flavor! This Full Circle brand has no hydrogenated oils and is also organic.
Most of them were in fact vegan, but one after the other had hydrogenated oil in there and simulated butter flavor. They were all way too flavorful, even for me, which is saying a lot.
I found this brand and it was nice and clean tasting. The popcorn? I joined Netflix. No late fees.

Ore-Ida Vegan Munchies

Ore-Ida’s Fast Food Fries are just one of their many offerings that are vegan. Check the ingredients, (please).
Ore Ida Fries.gif
The tater tots are legal and even some of the seasoned curly fries have no animal products in them. Hard to believe, cause they are so good. I started eating these because my family, big meat eaters who think I am nuts, make these thinking they probably have some sort of animal ingredients in them.
Ore-Ida Website

New Golden Oreos are Vegan! ***Please check bottom of entry

Golden Oreos
This vegan Oreo newflash was brought to my attention by Violaine, a regular Almost Vegan visitor. She’s funny and seems really fun too. Here’s the note she sent me…
Indulgence AHOY!!!
The new Golden Oreos are VEEEEEEEGAN!!!!
Just thought you might like to know!
See for yourselves at the Nabisco site.
Thanks V.
***ATTENTION #2*** I have heard, on very reliable authority that at least in Florida, these are vegan. Danielle is a regular Almost Vegan contributor, (and a great blogger herself: writes:
Hi Denise! I saw these on a recent trip to Florida, and the label did indeed prove them to be vegan. I tried one at a party a few weeks ago and I thought they were ok! (No Liz Lovelies, of course!)
Posted by: Danielle
***ATTENTION #3***
Another commenter offered this…
It seems there are multiple factories which produce the cookies (shocking, no?), and it’s up to each factory to choose their ingredients… (continued in comments)
Posted by: Tougi
***ATTENTION*** I’ve gotten a complaint-comment on this post:
That’s strange…the ones I bought today say “modified milk ingredient” listed in the ingredients….why is that?
Posted by: Nancy
This is scary, so please read the label! Do not take my word for it. I have been known to be wrong about stuff from time to time. Nobody’s perfect. All I can do is print the labeled ingredients from their website below and the company’s own disclaimer circled in blue.
Golden Oreos Nutrition Facts

E-Z Artichoke Dip

chicago (vegetarian/vegan) Diner
If you are ever in Chicago, go to this place!
Chicago Diner
3411 N. Halsted
Chicago, IL 60657
It is very close to Wrigley Field in a great neighborhood. The decor and seating is a bit nicer than a normal diner and they have incredible vegan and vegetarian food. They do serve eggs and real cheese, but the menu is very well marked and if you tell them straight up you are vegan, they take good care of you.
If for nothing else, go for their deserts. Huge cakes, cheese cakes and “milk shakes”. The place is very Chicago, which is the best part. (I am originally from the Chicago area)
Here’s an E-Z Artichoke Dip I got from their email newsletter. I’m still looking for the best vegan mayonnaise, suggestions?

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