Uncrustables are Vegan

For the vegan child, or adult like myself, these uncrustables are really great. I was driving home from a friend’s house in Chicago one late night, and that is almost a 3 hour drive to S.W. Michigan. The friend is a mom, not vegan, but in her freezer was a huge box of these Smucker’s Uncrustables. I had to read the box to see…
They were clean. (vegan)
I had a long drive ahead, had to be home by morning and it was after midnight. In the old days this would have been no problem, but now in my vegan days, because of the lack of protein, I get tired more easily. So I robbed her kids of a few Uncrustables and hit the road.
I like them because they are individually rapped, stay fresh and they thaw out quickly. So every time I got a little sleepy I jolted myself back to consciousness with a protein + sugar fix from my uncrustable stash.
I made it home, and now I’m hooked on the darn things.
*I have received many comments on the line above “because of the lack of protein”, and rightfully so. I do not “lack” protein as a vegan, but I do find that I have to focus on getting enough because my diet is not overloaded with it from an enormous amount of animal products. I just have to remember to eat beans, nuts and soy products which contain alternative, non-animal based protein. That’s actually what I meant.