Cherrybrook Kitchen

cake-sml.gifHere’s a tip from a very nice Almost Vegan regular, she happens to be very pregnant right now and this is one way she deals with her cravings in a vegan way. Here’s her email to me:
Hope you are well- I wanted to send you info on the latest dessert craze in our house—the Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes (I’ve tried the chocolate cake and frosting- makes great cupcakes!- and the sugar cookies…they also sell chocolate chip cookie mix and vanilla frosting–and maybe even more at other stores). You can buy them at SuperTarget here in the midwest. They are not only dairy and egg free but also nut free and gluten free! AND YUMMY!!! I’m pregnant (only 15 weeks left!) and these mixes have been a craving woman’s life-saver!
Ever a fan of your website- be well and happy holidays,
Here’s the website and you can order their mixes online —

Parma! Vegan Parmesan

parma.jpgParma! is Good!
The people that make Parma! contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if they could send me a sample of their new vegan parmesan cheese called Parma! — I of course said sure. (FREE FOOD!!!) Well, I do worry that I might not like some of these free offerings and then I think, what am I going to say on my blog about it? Lucky, I have not answered that question yet.
Parma! is not cheese, it’s not like the other soy parmesan cheese I usually eat which is made from soy and is more like cheese, but has a strong aftertaste. Parma! is actually made of walnuts, Celtic sea salt and yeast and then some seasonings. But this stuff is so darn tasty I found myself eating it right out of the little shaker they sent me. (pictured)
The first night I made a pasta dish with a tomato sauce. It was good on that. Now it being from walnuts, there is no melting involved, so it is more of a seasoning than a cheese, but it actually does taste like parmesan and I was surprised.
In the note that came with it, the marketing person said her favorite place to put Parma! is on salads. This is a great use for it, it is perfect for salads, for pasta and pasta salads. Heck, the other night I put it on toast with Smart Balance and it was really good.
Parma! Website >>>