Vegan Green Giant Garlic & Herb Potatoes

Green GiantGreen Giant Garlic & Herb Potatoes
Thanks Green Giant for quick and easy Garlic & herb potatoes that are vegan.
After a weekend with my family of: “Can I eat any of this stuff? What’s in the wild rice?” family: “Chicken broth, I’m sorry.” Cheese and cream in the potatoes, creamy-cheesy Cesar salad, yesterday they finally put the cheese sauce on the side instead of right on the cauliflower so I had something to eat.
Thick steaks Friday night, chicken Saturday and a tenderloin Sunday night, all grilled to perfection by Ryan with ooohs and aaahs all around.
I am starving.
(Potatoes were Angela’s tip – thanks)

Vegan Egg Rolls

Van 100% Vegetarian Egg Rolls
I found these VAN 100% Vegetarian Egg Rolls in the “deli” (it’s not a deli, it’s just a refrigerated island of packaged food) section of my super Wal-Mart. Right next to some brats and brie. It’s funny, I never look in there, but wandered over and found these. I read the ingredients and couldn’t believe it.
They are pretty good for egg rolls minus the eggs.
Be warned, they make 4-5 different kinds, the rest have meat in them.
*(of note) Angela, a new reader who has taken a great interest in Almost Vegan, emailed me about these egg rolls the very next day after I found them. I think they must be new, at least at Wal-Mart.

Vegan Granola Bar

I found one.
Now I have been looking for a vegan granola bar for some time now. I don’t know how many bar’s ingredient lists I have read and it surprised me that I didn’t find one that was vegan. Always milk in them. I had almost given up.
But then I noticed the Full Circle brand on this package and because I have recently discovered Full Circle, (Hey, I live out in the middle of nowhere) I thought what the heck.
I tried the wild berry. Yum. They have a little, Rice Crispy Treat-like texture to them. Don’t be fooled though, their Cobbler Cereal Bars do have milk in them. Rats!

Angela’s Post

I received this email today, and by God I’m gonna make this my post. No, it is not entirely because I have been working really hard lately so I have not had the time to post much (true), but it is a really good email and I liked it a lot.
(Especially the part about the potato wedges at Wal-Mart)
Hi Denise!
I ran across the almost vegan website just a couple days ago, and I
was delighted to find every day commercial things listed. I wanted to
contribute a post, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’m
guessing the only way to get a post up is to email you, so here I am!
I’ve been a vegan for 8 months or so now and I’m constantly reading
the ingredient lists for this. I put together a little webpage with my
usual things on it because other people wanted to know what I could
eat as well. All three of these pages have pictures too:
Here are some other things that I didn’t list that are vegan:
Snyder’s of Hanover Jalapeno Pieces
Website and Picture:
The Potato wedges sold at walmart in the deli are also vegan. I got to
see the box of ingredients!
The spaghetti marinara at Fazoli’s is vegan (they used to put parmesan
on top, but now they only put parsley)
Domino’s thin crust pizza dough is vegan…remember to leave off the cheese.