Yummies for the Holidays

HolLeft.gifHere’s an email from Jodee, who is a very nice vegan guy. He sent me this tip about site that carries vegan edible treats.
Hey there Denise!!! Jodee here – some yummies for Holidays? Aplets and Cotlets! Totally Vegan – Totally good! They just e-mailed me back this morning – From the great Northwest – Apple/Walnut, Apricot/walnut, cranberry/walnut, blueberry/pecan, pineapple/macadamia (oh my) – rose/pistachio, Orange blossom/almond, peach/walnut, strawberry/walnut, grape/walnut, and SOOOOOOO many more, including nut-free. Downside, dusted with a tiny amount of powdered sugar. WEBSITE: www.libertyorchards.com Don’t be put off by the ones drenched in milk chocolate – they don’t look half as good the originals – they have been making old fashioned candy – the old fashioned way since like, the 20’s! Very good. Very, very good – Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition at our house for many years. Talk at ya later – keep it up! Jodee.