VEGAN Green Bean Casserole

This year my family is stopping by on Sunday and I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna make them eat vegan. (Don’t tell them, it’s a surprise!)
But I am going to make Green Been Casserole…Vegan Style. Now I can pull this off, (I think) even with them cause low and behold French’s Original French Fried Onions are vegan!
Green bean Casserole
But here’s the twist…
Cream of Portobello
Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup is not vegan, though Imagine’s Creamy Portobello Mushroom Soup is, but not condensed. I am going to play with the ratio of soy milk to mushroom soup and see how it goes…I’ll let you know.
Happy Holidays!!!!!

Gourmet Vegan Cookies

Liz Lovely
The Vegan’s vegan cookies. Very famous with vegan’s in the know.

Cowboy Cookies
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Frontier Cookies

Peanut Butter Classic

Peanut Butter Classics


Ginger Snapdragons


Cowgirl Cookies

I was introduced to Liz Lovely Cookies by a regular visitor to Almost Vegan, Danielle (her blog –, who I suspect is twice the vegan I am judging from the tips and recipes she sends me.
Baking a Difference in the World
Liz & Dan Holtz
Liz & Dan Holtz create their vegan masterpieces in Vermont. They don’t ship all over the USA yet and their cookies are in very high demand. I talked them into sending me some, because they don’t sell them here in Michigan.
Well, it is not just hype. These are really incredible cookies. Obviously hand made (like it says on the bag) and really tasty. Very generously coated with chocolate on the back, (Cowboy, Cowgirl and Peanutbutter) and choc full of all kinds of great things except trans-fats so eat up!
Find out more about Liz Lovely on their — really nice website.

Vegan Potstickers

Oh God, are these good…
Health is Wealth Potstickers
Back when I ate creatures I used to go to a little sushi joint in Chicago on Division called New Japan. It was a very small, very quaint hole in the wall, but they had the best food and I always got pot stickers.
I found these Health is Wealth Potstickers and thought I’d give them a try and they are incredible. Bake them in the oven (only 10 minutes). I made up a little hot mustard soy sauce dip and YEOW.

Creature Cookies – Vegan

These Mad Moose Organics’, Creature Cookies are lots of fun and extremely tasty!
Creature Cookies
100% vegan.
You know, I went to their site and it seems like these cookies are made for kids, but I got them for myself and ate them, and I’d do it again. I like the fun cartoon creatures on them.
Vanilla wafers, banana wafers, and chocolate wafers all with chocolate-fudge filling. Yum.