Soy “Whipped Cream”

soyatoo-can-small.jpgFinally. I found it. Soy-whipped cream and in this handy spray bottle just like the real thing!
Soyatoo! Soy Whipped Cream is 100% vegan contains zero saturated fat or cholesterol and is made with organic ingredients.
Well, I also found a couple of hitches. It does have a soy-ey taste to it, but any true vegan that has not had dairy in a while won’t mind too much. The other thing is more of a problem. The can I got worked for about 3/4 of the contents, but then completely quit on me trapping 1/4 of my soy whipped cream inside.
Soy is heavier than cream so it is altogether harder to get this stuff to spray out. Be warned.
The people who came up with it’s website >>
But, it actually does work and is so much like the real thing I was shocked… So it’s a miracle.
*Happy Christmas*