Vegan B-L-T

I made a vegan B-L-T sandwich for lunch the other day. It was not bad, not really the same though because nothing is as tasty as a pig. I say this with no intention of eating one, they look to be very nice animals. Smart, loving, very sweet. It seems they also make good pets.

smart bacon
The Smart Bacon meatless strips from Lightlife I used instead were good enough. I made it on sun dried tomato bread, which made the sandwich quite tasty and special. Be careful not to cook the Smart Bacon too long. It gets to be nasty-crispy very quickly.

Eggplant Parmesan for National Vegetarian Awareness Month

eggplantI received an email today that cheered me up and surprised me a little. I make websites for a living and created a fitness website for a former client, they sold heart rate monitors, body fat monitor scales, stuff like that. Now to be up with the competition I subscribed to their email newsletters. I never unsubscribed to one of them, just out of laziness, I wasn’t normally interested in them because these “health” types, mostly body builders and exercise fanatics (heaven forbid), are not exactly my kind of healthy…
That’s why this issue of Megafitness, Health News surprised me. It’s all about vegetarianism and veganism. If you have a moment, it is an interesting read. Very sensitive and supportive comments from a non-vegetarian. This leads me to believe that vegetarianism and veganism is getting more and more mainstream.
Click here to read it for yourself.
I am featuring the vegan recipe they sent in the newsletter because it looks really good. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

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