Vegan Ground Meat

Boca Ground Burger is not bad and it is completely vegan, unlike other Boca products. (read the box!)
Boca Ground Burger
I gave it a lot of help though, browning it with onion and green pepper in olive oil and giving it a dash of spike. I made soft tacos with the mixture and seasoned rice with soy cheese on top.
Very tasty dinner.

Wal-Mart has Soy Yogurt — YEEEEHAAAA!!!!

Silk Soy Yogurt - favoriteOkay, I know, I know…Wal-Mart is evil, but, but, they got Silk Soy Yogurt! I was so excited. They must have just started carrying it.
Now, if I don’t buy the soy yogurt at Wal-Mart (yeeha!), I have to drive 45 miles and pay $1.08 at my health food store. On the other hand, Wal-Mart is 12 miles away and they sell the Silk Soy Yogurt for 89 cents. Believe me, I looked more than 5 times just to make sure.
Now I know Wal-Mart must be getting their Silk Soy Yogurt from prison labor camps in China, but I don’t care.

California Pantry Gourmet Crackers

sescrackers.jpgI love to munch. (I little too much actually)
Luckily, as a vegan there are plenty of things to munch on.
One of my favorites, especially with guests, is crackers and cheese. These California Pantry Gourmet Sesame Water Crackers are great. Extremely simple water crackers with a nice sesame flavor.
Try them with Havarti and Dill, Blue Moon Soy cheese. Their Gouda is really good too.

Vegan “Scrambled Eggs”

scramble2.jpgIt’s actually tofu with some mushrooms, green onions, and spinach. Really yummy. Also a very good source of precious protein, which we vegans need badly. I’ve been vegan a long time and I feel the lack of protein in my body. Tofu helps.
A great thing to do with these “eggs” is toss a tortilla in that hot pan, cook a minute, turn it over. Place a heap of those “eggs” on it, then a generous amount of Feta Crumbles (see previous post) and make a fantastic breakfast quesadilla.
Serve with guacamole and chow.