Vegan Samosa

SamosasI found samosas at Whole Foods Market in Boca Raton, they made them fresh there and I purchased them hot with a nice chutney on the side. I got a little hooked on them so when I received my most recent Chicago Tribune, Food and Drink Newsletter with an article about samosas and a recipe so I could make them at home, I was thrilled.
Reading the article is a little frustrating, it’s all about ordering them from any number of take-out and delivery places in Chicago, though she does not mention if a vegan variety is available. No matter, I can get neither take-out or delivery from Chicago, which is 120 miles from me. I am going to make this easily veganized (by me) version myself…as soon as I find the inspiration and the time.

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Thanks to Everyone…

Thank you all so much for the comments and condolences about my mom. I very much appreciate it.
I’m back home in Michigan… longing for a Whole Foods Market: One of the few things I miss about mall-ville, Boca Raton, Florida. Now I’m driving on dirt roads, hearing about the frost that might effect the fruit trees tonight on the news, and watching the buds on the trees turn to leaves.
Silver Lake
More vegan food soon…

I lost my mom today

My PeachIt was a tough fight we put up together, she doing all the work of course. It lasted over 6 weeks for her, I was here for over 4 straight. Her heart was just too damaged from the attack to come back.

My mom was a very special person. Not vegan, but she loved Soy Boy ravioli and anything with tofu in it. Even though she was very traditional, she’d try any food I offered with a totally open mind. Just the way she was and a whole lot more I won’t go into.

I will miss her very much.

She loved as well as was… a peach.

Snapea Crisps

snapea-product-image.jpgHey, look at this:
Snapea Crisps, by Calbee SNACK SALAD.
I am always looking for alternative snacks, especially vegetable based. These Snap peas that taste fried, but are actually baked, were an interesting find. They don’t taste too much like snap peas (which I love), and that was a bit of a disappointment. They have a very delicate crunch, much less crunchy than fresh snap peas. They come in two flavors, Original and Caesar, the latter I suspect is not vegan.
I happened upon a bag of the Original flavor at the Publix right around the corner from the hospital my mom is in. Not exceptionally crunchy, but I did eat the whole bag in less than half an hour.