A Big Bag of Feta

fetacrumbles.gifFirst I found Blue Moon Feta Soy Cheese, and that is really wonderful. Now, I happened upon Del Sunshine Feta Crumbles. I love Blue Moon soy cheese, it is definitely gourmet.
But I must admit, Del Sunshine Feta is great for the mass amount they give you, for a most reasonable price. My 1lb bag was only $2.63, a steal!
And for that amount of money it is great feta soy cheese. I have so much of it, I am using it on everything. Pasta salad, scrambled “eggs” (mashed tofu, of course) I even made a really mean quesadilla with it the other night.
It’s almost vegan = contains casein (milk derivative)

I may be cheating…

croissants.gifBut look at these Prime Pastries Croissants, real croissants, and there are no dairy ingredients listed. Now there is a disclaimer on the back of the bag: MAY CONTAIN TRACE AMOUNTS OF MILK INGREDIENTS. But I was so curious as to how they tasted, I was willing to take that risk. (I’m almost vegan for God’s sake)
They are really tasty.
Am I bad, you think…?

A Tip From “Joe”

An Almost Vegan reader sent me this email today, which I very much appreciate. He is a programmer and IT guy, I could tell this by his website which I found at the end of his email address –> Joey’s Site.
Dixie DinerHey there, don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Dixie Diner’s Club or not but check it out: http://www.dixiediner.com

Sloppy Joe MixI found it when looking for some vegetarian sloppy joe mix(and found vegan!). I haven’t had much from there, but the chicken nuggets aren’t bad, and the sloppy joe mix can’t be beat!

Chicken NuggetsA note for the chicken nuggets though, get some barbecue sauce from the store, don’t use the dip that comes with it.
Thought I’d let you know! Love the site by the way!

Thanks so much, Joey.

Boca Burgers at Bennigans

The Original Boca Burgers are vegan, and not a bad tasting burger.
Boca Burgers - Original, Vegan
You have to be careful with Boca and Morning Farms especially. I always want to eat their stuff, but much of Boca has cheese in it and almost all of Morning Farms has egg inside.
Boca’s stuff is fairly well marked.
I was out to lunch with a client that would not really get or (I think) appreciate vegan. (nice guy though) He took me to Bennigans and I was so happy to see a Boca Burger on the menu I jumped at it.
It was really, really good. Very thick and juicy. Now maybe Bennigans just cooks them extremely well or…maybe they serve the Boca Burgers with cheese in them.
I realized they have 2 different kinds later and I don’t have the heart to call up Bennigans and ask. Oh well, no big deal either way, but I really wanted that burger to be vegan.