Wasabi Peas

Wanna kick, vegan style?

Can of Hapi Snacks Wasabi PeasHapi Snacks Wasabi Peas

If you like the spicy green relish that comes with sushi called wasabi, you will absolutely love this snack. I used to buy these in bulk in my local health food store, great place called Sawall Health Foods, but the quality of their wasabi peas was spotty. Nice and green one time I’d be there and then too yellow to buy another. So no wasabi peas for me in a while, but then I happened upon these Hapi Snacks brand wasabi peas (sorry, no website) in my local grocery store and grabbed them. They are really tasty and consistently good every time, and I also like getting them in a can with a seal up lid. Completely vegan.

10 thoughts on “Wasabi Peas”

  1. You know, this company is a bit mysterious. They don’t have a lot of info on the cans. I’ll try and find out for you. I bought these at Village Market in Michigan.

  2. You can Google Hapi Snacks and it will take you to their website…. the large cans are only $3.99 – they sell for $6.00 in stores! The only catch – the shipping doubles the price…..

  3. I am a CPT stationed in Iraq and I go through these cans of chick peas in a week. They are so good and a great snack on the go. I recommend them to any person who likes sushi and chick peas!

  4. The yellow ones are probably better for you ; the green coluration is achieved by adding yellow and blue dyes.
    And yes, they’re not “real” wasabi peas, but horseradish. But I doubt that many people outside of Japan ever get the real stuff ; it costs around $100 a kilo, and you don’t even get the real stuff in 90% of sushi bars in Japan.

  5. I did not mean the wasabi. The wasabi on these is a whitish color. Doubt it’s real wasabi. The peas from my bulk health food store, 45 miles away, were sometimes yellowish, not a good green color.


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