Why Almost?

Originally, I called the website “Almost” Vegan because I ate products with casein in them. Casein is a derivative of milk so I was “almost” vegan. Now though, I must admit, I do eat dairy sometimes. Sometimes I fall off the vegan wagon completely and eat cream and cheese and even yogurt. Don’t be mad at me, I just felt run down and after 10 years of being off dairy completely I was finding it very difficult to  sustain the vegan lifestyle.

I assume most of you will understand, I wonder if many of you have not fallen off the wagon, on and off, yourselves.

As long as I am confessing, I should say that I have also eaten fish a number of times in the past few years. I don’t do it often, but when I do what a rush of protein I feel. Wow. I go out to dinner with people who are hard core carnivores, actually that is exclusively who I go out to dinner with. I don’t know another vegetarian here in the Midwest. The  carnivores get angry and frustrated that I don’t “eat anything” as they call it. If I try to create meals out of the exclusively meat and fish entries on the menu, they become embarrassed. So I eat fish sometimes in these circumstances.

So, definitely “Almost Vegan”. By many accounts (because of the fish), I am “almost vegetarian”. I don’t mind this thought. My years put in as a good vegan, I feel, have really paid off. If I don’t jump off the wagon completely, I very much appreciate the dairy and the fish when I indulge in them, but my vegan base gives me a great diet. I do not consume very  much animal products at all. Never meat. So I continue my vegan quest, though not as fanatical as before.

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  1. Hi,

    I like that you are ALMOST vegan. I’m a web programmer and want to involve myself in the vegan and vegetarian movement. I haven’t been able to be a vegan. I want to start with making as many meals as I can at least vegetarian. I would really like to talk to you, to see if I can help out with your site.


  2. I do not mean this in a snarky way, but you may want to look into lifting your self esteem a bit. That is, you might work on your ability to eat what makes you feel good, without feeling like you need to apologize about it. After all, your existence on this planet is just as valid as anyone’s, more so, since you’re you; and if you don’t give your body what you decide it needs, you are making an animal suffer just the same.

    I have gone on stints of Vegetarianism, as well as Veganism, generally due to the food available to me during certain periods of my life. However, I don’t espouse the lifestyle, or feel that shame is necessary to make kindness possible. The only thing that really bothers me(and unfortunately it’s rampant)is the attitude that it isn’t important to give any consideration to where our food comes from. That bothers me, because it seems like mass non-thought, makes it easier for the meat, pesticide, GMO, etc… industries to get such lock on the American diet that it’s economically unfeasible to bring less destructive ideologies and food sources to the mass market.

    Even with people who subscribe hook-line- and-sinker to the factory farm culture, I feel it’s better to search for compassion than to espouse any sort of antipathy for them. Love is the only true key to the human mind, whereas hate scars and closes us off, often permanently.

  3. Thanks Michael for sharing this, I’m just like you; Most of the time I try to have a vegan diet but it’s something complicated. I do my best, and I know that one day I will be able to do it! (I’m Brazilian sorry about my English)

  4. I am also “almost vegan” I have drastically reduced my contribution to the animal farming industry and consider it a contribution to the greater good.

  5. You’re a pescatarian. Not a vegetarian. Not a vegan. And most certainly not “almost” anything. Get off your high horse and admit it instead of calling yourself a title you don’t deserve.

    • Man, it’s just a domain name I’ve had since 2004. Back then, it was just a thought. Not an easy thing to do day after day. Would like a break, please.


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