I have never made falafel before this week, but I am always on the look out for high protein foods these vegan days. I happened upon this box of telma Falafel Mix in my supermarket’s Jewish food section.

I appreciate Jewish food, I love how they have the food marked – PARVE – so I know it’s vegan without having to read the box. I don’t know if this is necessarily the best falafel mix, but it is made in Israel under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Haifa.
I also bought the telma tehina sauce to go with my falafel. (Unfortunately they don’t have a website) I didn’t make the serving suggestion on the front of the box, I made a nice salad with them instead.
It is a pain to have to fry them in a 1/4 inch of corn oil, but other than that, I really loved them and the tehina sauce.

Amy’s Veggie Loaf

I am so busy lately. Between work, summer fun and family events I have not had any time to cook.
So if I can get to the health food store, which unfortunately is like 50 miles away, I stock up on these Veggie Loafs, amongst other things. I usually get the regular frozen dinner, which includes mashed potatoes, peas and a slice of loaf with gravy. Totally vegan meal in 5 minutes in the microwave, no muss, no fuss at all.
Amy’s Veggie Loaf also comes in a family size which includes 4 slices. Perfect for the small vegan family, except you don’t get the mashed potatoes and peas, and I hate that because I appreciate having vegan mashed potatoes that I don’t have to make myself. Oh well.
Either way, this veggie loaf is great and the gravy is the best. Try it when you’re busy, lazy, in a hurry, whatever.

Almost Vegan Quesadillas

One of my favorite quick “almost vegan” meals is quesadillas, especially when I have an avocado on hand. My favorite quesadillas are spinach-mushroom. Of course I use Veggie Shreds and I also use theseTumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas.
These are great, truly vegan, and organic. They come in a number of different flavors: Jalapeno & Cilantro, Chipotle Chili & Peppers, Pesto & Garlic, Garden Spinach & Vegetables, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil, Honey Wheat, Premium White.
I realize most everyone must know how to make a quesadillas, but just in case you don’t, click the recipe link below.

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Ultimate Chai

This is the best chai tea there is and it just happens to be vegan.
It comes pre-mixed with the “milk” – Westsoy soy milk that is – already in it. I usually still cut it with soy milk, about 50/50, but that is just my personal taste.
I love this stuff and I would probably drink it even if I was not vegan. It is smooth and sort of chocolaty tasting instead of being really sharp and super sweet like most chais.
Try it. Available at most mid to upperscale supermarkets or check the Westsoy website.

Almost Vegan Mac’n Cheese

I eat Veggie Shreds and they are the reason why I am “almost vegan.” They contain casein, a milk protein that is from a cow.
Now I am not proud of the fact I eat Veggie Shreds cheese with casein, but I cannot find any other non-cheese cheese that quite does it for me. This stuff melts like cheese, tastes like cheese, and satisfies my cheese cravings.
I love cows. I hope they don’t mind.
This is not a fancy mac’n cheese recipe. Just a very basic, quick and tasty meal when you’re hungry with very little time.

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Panera – Vegan/Non-Vegan Lunch

I know a number of non-vegans, in fact I know a lot more non-vegans than vegans. Other than explaining why I am vegan, the most difficult thing is to go out with them and end up eating something I like. Panera’s a good place for this.

Great bread and tasty bagels if you would like something sweet.
They always have a vegetarian/vegan soup, sometimes two. They have salads, but they are expensive and have some really tasty cheese on them that you will have to tell them to take off and still pay for it.
They have some fancy bread dipping sauce that is vegan.
They have soy milk for your latte or chi tea.
I am not recommending this as an incredible vegan dining experience. But if you are by a mall with a non-vegan and you want a quick bite, scan for a Panera Bread and you can eat something tasty too.
Another great vegan feature is on the Panera website. Their menu and nutrition section allows you to click on many of their foods and see the ingredients so you can easily find what’s vegan legal.

Yellow Rice

yellowrice.gifI love this Mahatma Saffron Yellow rice.
It is extremely easy to make too. Add water, vegan margarine, and the rice to a microwave safe dish with a lid and cook on high for 3 minutes, then on medium power for 17 minutes more.
It is light, fluffy, and tastes incredible.
The best part is it’s great every time. Heat up some black beans and you have a quick meal. Pair it with steamed vegetables or saut? the vegetables in olive oil then toss in a little Soyrizo at the end and put that over the rice for some really yummy eats.
I always have a few bags on hand. You can find it at most grocery stores, even where I live.
It’s also totally vegan and enormously satisfying.

Vegan Raisin English Muffins

I found vegan raisin English Muffins that you can buy anywhere!
And they have Sun Maid Raisins in them. I know, a bit commercial mainstream kinda food, but they are vegan. I read the ingredients. They do have wheat gluten in them, and I see a lot of health food products that boast they have no wheat gluten in them, but until I find out what that is and what bad thing it’s doing to me…I’m eatin’ it.

Trader Joe’s

Oh, to go to Trader Joe’s again. Woe, woe is me…I used to live in Los Angeles before I moved back to the Midwest, but that is another story that has very little to do with food. I miss Trader Joe’s. I did most of my food shopping there and at that time I was not vegan, almost or otherwise.
tjs-ff-ani.gifNow, when I really need a Trader Joe’s within 5 minutes of me because I am almost vegan, the closest one is about a 3 hour drive away. Rats.
I got the bug for Trader Joe’s again from a comment I received from a very interesting blogger. She posted with the name Akemi and her website is http://www.cosmiconion.com. It is relatively new, like my own and she has some pretty funny bits going about eHarmony dating. She recommends Trader Joe’s vegan cookies, they come very Trader Joe’s appropriate in a paper bag, and she has tried the chocolate chip and oatmeal chocolate chip.
I looked at Trader Joe’s website through my new vegan eyes and drooled. They have some good stuff and I love them because they are always really cheap. The stores in CA have more vegan stuff, of course. I was able to download their list of soy products (they don’t have a list of vegan products) and it looked like they had some things I can’t get anywhere else and would love to try like Trader Joe’s Vegan Pad Thai with Tofu and Trader Joe’s eggless egg salad, to name a couple. Here’s the PDF’s of both the East/Midwest and the West Coast Trader Joe’s soy offerings.

East West
Or just go to the Trader Joe’s website yourself and look around. I love their Monty Python-like images and sense of humor. You’ll be able to find a store near you (hopefully) on their site.
Trader Joe’s also has the best dried fruit section I have ever seen in my life, and priced so you can buy some of it. Great nuts. If you want some wine, this is the place to go. I used to get good Merlot for under $5 and French Cabernet for less than that. I’d also pick up the Trader Joe’s Midsummer’s Night Moisturizer for around $3 (its actually Nature’s Gate which I have to pay $6 for).
That tears it! I’m going to the airport right now and hop a plane to my old Trader Joe’s in Los Feliz, CA. Think of all the money I’ll save!

Fruit Pie

Pie is a great thing. It can be made vegan so easily I wonder why anyone ever makes a non-vegan fruit pie, but that’s just me. It is much cheaper to make a vegan pie crust than a non-vegan pie crust, just as easy and just as good. It may sound like a lot of work to make a pie from scratch, but it is so worth it, there is nothing better than a homemade pie. Nothing!

As I write this, I have my first fruit pie of the summer baking in the oven. I happened upon some tart cherries at a fruit stand not far from my house. I live in what they call the “fruit belt” in Southwestern Michigan, not far from the lake so we get plenty of rain and snow. Many of my neighbors are farmers, but I am not.

Now I must admit I don’t normally make cherry pie, in fact this is my very first one. I usually don’t find tart cherries, but I saw them at the fruit stand and it is still a little early in the season for anything but strawberries, which I don’t bake, so I got them. I usually make blueberry, peach, apple. I make a lot of blueberry pies because I live surrounded by blueberry farms. I actually can walk a very short distance and be in a farmer’s field picking enough blueberries for a pie or two and walk home before he even realized I was there. Now I don’t do this, mostly because once when I was young I was in his field on my mini-bike and he shot at me with what I think was buckshot. He missed.

Now I go to his farm and buy them. I get 5 pounds of blueberries for $6.00. I have never mentioned the time he shot at me. I wonder if he remembers, I don’t think he was close enough to know it was me, but who knows.

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