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I go out, I drive past fast food joints, and I am not so strong or so militant that I do not weaken. I actually like to grab something at a drive thru (I’ll admit it) and eat it on the run.
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I can do this and stay vegan if I go to Taco Bell, and I really like their Raspberry Iced Tea.
Think Outside the Bun
I get a bean burrito, NO CHEESE — “No cheese?” — Yes, that’s right, no cheese, and I want rice, lettuce, onions and tomatoes on it, Okay? — “Sure, that’s okay.” — Thank you very much.

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  1. They are VERY vegan friendly. Everything is made fresh and the veggie burritos are delicious. They come with cheese and optional sour cream, but they are easily left off. You have a choice of black or pinto beans and they have several side dishes that are vegan. In the store is a “salad bar” with yummy salsas and lots of fresh cilantro with little plastic take home containers. Fresh limes at the beverage counter, too! As for the drive thru, I’m not sure. I haven’t seen one around here, but the counter service is pretty fast, considering they make everything fresh to order! Let me know if you find one!

  2. Hey I linked here from govegan.net..just wanted to let you know..the 7 layer burrito from Taco bell, minus the cheese and sour cream..is a great vegan thing. It ends up being cheaper than adding all that stuff afterwards. I used to do what you do (bean burrito with all the extras) but this is cheaper. Just thuoght I’d let you know:)

  3. Hey back, thanks so much for the visit and the Taco Bell advise! I was afraid to do that, not sure it would be vegan, but now I will. I can always use cheaper!

  4. You know, I wondered about that myself, but I’ve read a number of different places that the rice and beans at Taco Bell are vegan.
    To find out for certain, once and for all, I have sent an email to Taco Bell asking this very question and I will let you know their response.

  5. From tacobell.com…
    Are there any items on your menu that are prepared without meat?
    A: Several Taco Bell items do not include meat as an ingredient. Popular ones include the classic Bean Burrito, 1/2 lb. Bean Burrito Especial, 7-Layer Burrito, and Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes side item (the last two feature sour cream, which contains a very small amount of gelatin which is naturally animal-based). Of course you can also request that any item on the menu be prepared without meat or sour cream. The enzymes used in the production of our cheese, tortillas, and flatbread are not from an animal source.

  6. If you live near a Moe’s Southwestern Grill. you can get rice, black or refried beans, pico, and guac completely VEGAN! and its cheap!!! also the chips are fried in their OWN frier!!!!

  7. Man, I know what you mean about Toco Bell.
    I went there a few nights ago, and ordered no cheese, but they gave me cheese anyway..So I had to return it. And when I returned it, they made me a new one..but the guy who made it was like “man, I almost forgot you said no cheese, so there is a little bit a cheese that accidentally got in there.”
    It was kind of frustrating, mostly because I hate to inconvience other people, but then again..thats their job.

  8. Hi, all.
    I have a question that, since some of you have been in correspondance with Taco Bell, might know that answer to. I’ve visited several sites which suggest that Taco Bell’s bean burrito (minus cheese) is animal-free. However, a handful of sites suggest that the tortillas are not. (e.g., one site says: “The soft burrito tortillas are not vegan, they contain non-fat dry milk”, source: http://www.vegetarian-restaurants.net/OtherInfo/Taco-Bell.htm). Do any of you know one way or the other?
    Thanks much.

  9. Ever go to TacoTime? Their “Veggie Burrito” sans cheese, has sunflower kernels in it; add to that guac and it’s a pretty tasty meal if you’re in the mood for real fast food. Otherwise there’s QDoba or Chipotle (rumored to be a McDonald’s brand) for a more substantial vegan feast. Both offer rice and beans or grilled veggie burritos which are vegan. The grilled veggies at QDoba are grilled on the same grill as meat, though I believe they use a separate area of the grill — still kind of iffy. Your choice.

  10. do most places use milk or dairy in their guacamoke? cus i found out that rubios does that and i was pretty dumbfounded… if anyone has any info on that itd be great :] thanks!

  11. It is terribly sad that some people think that because a dish doesn’t have meat in it- it is Vegetarian….My grandmother says that chicken broth IS vegetarian because the chicken only runs through it! lol


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