Vegan Spinach Pesto Sauce

[UPDATE 2023] – I cannot find Soymage Vegan Parmesan Alternative any more. There are number of alternatives to it now. This Go Veggie Foods brand seems popular.

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Well, I am still eating spinach pesto sauce, but it is not as good the second day so I would suggest making just about as much as you need.

This Soymage Vegan Parmesan Alternative [no longer available] is the secret to completely vegan pesto sauce. There is an almost vegan Parmesan cheese I like and I will put it on the blog as soon as I go to the store (about 45 miles from me) that carries it and pick some up.

But in the meantime, make yourself some spinach pesto if you have some basil, spinach, olive oil, vegan Parmesan, garlic, a blender, food processor, or a mortar and pestle for you purists out there.

Vegan Spinach Pesto Sauce
3 Cups Spinach (fresh)
1 Cup Basil (fresh – take off stems)
6 – 8 Cloves Garlic (minced)
1/2 – 3/4 Cup Vegan Parmesan Alternative
1 1/2 Cups Olive Oil

Place leaves and garlic in the blender or food processor and use the low “grind” to chop up the spinach and basil, add the olive oil a bit at a time as you chop, drizzle through the top of the blender if you want to be fancy, just pour it in and turn on the blender if you don’t. Use a wooden spoon to push the leaves down to be ground up, but be careful doing it.

Pour in the vegan cheese at the end, blend, and sample to taste.

Blend until you have a good, liquidly mix, but not too long that you no longer have pieces of leaf.

These amounts are all variable according to your personal tastes. Add more garlic if you love it, more or less cheese, oil, and of course more fresh basil if you have it.

Make some pasta, pour some pesto over it, (do not heat pesto, the pasta will warm it up) and shake some more vegan Parmesan alternative on top.

Great for lunch on a hot day.

3 thoughts on “Vegan Spinach Pesto Sauce”

  1. I now know what I’ll be making for dinner tonight…I’ve been craving pesto for a while!
    Well, we never made it to the raw restaurant in Santa Monica. Somehow vacation time moves a lot faster than real-life time, doesn’t it?
    I did recently buy two really interesting raw cookbooks. I doubt I’ll turn into a raw food enthusiast, because I do enjoy baking a lot more than I think I would enjoy dehydrating my food, but I like the idea of eating a majority of raw, uncooked foods as part of my daily diet. I haven’t tried anything yet from the cookbooks, but everything is so colorful and fresh, it can’t be anything but good!
    Back to catching up on your posts!


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