Very Exciting Article About “Alt Meat”

Recent projections suggest that 60 percent of the meat eaten in 2040 will be alt, a figure I think may actually be too conservative. An estimated 95 percent of the people buying alt burgers are meat-eaters. This is not about making vegetarians happy. It’s not even about climate change. This is a battle for America’s flame-broiled soul.

This Is the Beginning of the End of the Beef Industry [outside] >>

Vegetarian BLT With Shiitake Bacon Recipe

Shiitake mushrooms, when roasted, take on an umami goodness close to that of crispy bacon. Make sure the mushrooms aren’t piled on top of each other on the sheet tray so they can get crispy—otherwise they’ll steam. This brings maximum bacon-like flavor and texture into this vegetarian BLT. Make our easy mayo from scratch and spread a thin layer on whole-wheat bread, bonus points if it’s seeded. Head to the store and pick up some gorgeous in-season tomatoes for bite after bite of delicious simplicity.

Source: Vegetarian BLT With Shiitake Bacon Recipe