Harissa Carrot Soup

To warm up your last of winter months, this soup looks pretty good. This earthy soup has a subtle kick from harissa, a spiced red chili paste hailing from Tunisia that’s now widely available in supermarkets. Find it in a jar or tube in the condiment or international aisle.

Well the honey and the Greek yogurt suggestion is not vegan. So, here’s an article with vegan substitution suggestions for Greek Yogurt ->

Here’s an article about vegan honey with suggestions ->

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Impossible Sloppy Joe Biscuits With Roasted Broccolini

I am in Impossible heaven. I am using it in everything. Found this recipe and you can make it with Impossible Burger, which is Impossible ground “meat” and it works well. Give it a try.

Impossible Sloppy Joe

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To make it vegan. Skip the butter. Use Annie’s biscuits (or biscuits with no dairy in them) instead, and vegan Worcestershire Sauce >>

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