Happy 4th of July

bottle_rocket_lg_wht.gifAnother holiday with my family, big fun! If you remember the last one – take a look – I half starved.
This time I am stocking up on good, vegan chow. Amy’s burger offerings are giving me a hand. I have recently gotten hooked on the California Burger, it’s a great departure from the norm, no soy in it. Vegetables, grains, walnuts, and mushrooms. It is very good fried. I had it once on the grill and I think they over cooked it, because it was hard as a rock.
California Burger
Thanks Amy’s!
All American Burger
If you are going to grill you might want to opt for the All American Burger. It does have soy, (which I do love, thank God) and vegetables and grains as well.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe extended weekend. ENJOY!

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