Collard Greens

I am into leafy greens. I got some collard greens, (frozen) and made up this tasty dish of the greens, vegan sausage, dark red kidney beans, mushrooms, onions and garlic saut?ed in a little olive oil. It was good and very healthy.
I found the trick to collard greens is vinegar. They don’t taste good unless you drizzle in a bit of cider vinegar. That seems to bring out their flavor.
I boiled them first, then tossed them into the mixture I had saut?ed. Great source of iron. I sprinkled a bit of Veggie Shreds on top after I put them on the plate. Yum.

2 thoughts on “Collard Greens”

  1. I think any kind of acid brings out the flavor of collards/kale. I usually finish every dish with a good squeeze of lemon. Vinegar works if I don’t have lemon. I also think greens like that take really well to a tiny hint of heat ? crushed red pepper flakes or a tiny dash of cayenne. Nothing that will set your mouth on fire at all. It just adds a tiny touch of zing to keep it interesting.


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