Vegan Chocolate

Chocolate is dangerous. Most of the time it has milk in it, even dark chocolate often times has milk in it.
Marzipan Bar
Ritter Sport Marzipan Dark Chocolate Bar
Well, Eliza Tudor and her husband Lance Sykes (I hear Eliza’s husband is not vegan, but sounds very supportive because he is an active label reader – wish I had one!) sent me an email telling me about a Marzipan Bar, which is chocolate with a marshmallow *(correction – the filling is almond paste) filling and is vegan. They love it, but I must admit I have never had one.
Well, you can buy a Marzipan Bar online at Vegan Essentials and on that page are listed a bunch more vegan chocolate treats. So many I got really excited, stuff like: Soymilk chocolate bites, chocolate syrup, white chocolate chips, French vegan chocolate fondue, and it goes on an on.
Thanks so much Eliza!
*Thanks for the correction, JM

3 thoughts on “Vegan Chocolate”

  1. The Marzipan Ritter bars are Vegan as well! They’re my favourite. My friend in Switzerland mails me tons and tons of them and I just keep on counting all the calories.
    They’re delicious.

  2. Yes, the marzipan bars are excellent. Just a correction: the filling – marzipan – is actually almond paste, a great, and often vegan treat. If you go to Italy, look for fruit-shaped edible marzipan sculptures.

  3. Marzipan is delicious and Ritter chocolate is delicious. I can only imagine how good Ritter marzipan bars are!! You can get them in North America too, I’ve seen them in grocery stores. In the candy section with the other fine chocolates. They’re a bit pricey compared to cheap junk candy bars, but they’re totally worth it!! I’ll have to go try this marzipan out!! So far I’ve only had their plain chocolate bars.


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