Goodby Austin… Hello Wal-Mart

Veggie Heaven    

Veggie Heaven
Tragic email I received today (below). Ellen, has (I believe) lived in Austin all her life. Her parents are vegetarians and she is vegan. The sad part is, for whatever reason, she has to move. She is going to a town called Beaumont, in Texas also, and it doesn’t sound good. Check her comment on Wal-Mart has Soy Yogurt — YEEEEHAAAA!!!!
What she has done for us is celebrate her home town of Austin by sending me an email listing her favorite vegan restaurants. Take a look and thanks Ellen.
Wow. I live in Austin. I’m about to move and I’ve had a really sheltered life if you think about it. Two vegan restaurants and countless vegetarian restaurants (including a vegetarian coffee house that’ll make anything vegan).
I thought that you might find these restaurants interesting. I suggest that anyone who wants good vegan food, take a trip to Austin.
Nu Age
Has a vegan custard even! Vegan risotto! (And I found it hard to find vegetarian risotto.)
Veggie Heaven
All vegan items clearly marked on the board! Wonderful food, wonderful lemonade.
Cafe de Luz
Vegan restaurant. The only one I haven’t been too. Supposed to be wonderful.
Mr. Natural’s
Not my favorite. The food is a little bland.
Bouldin Creek
The coffee house I was talking about earlier. When I’m craving breakfast tacos, I can get vegan ones here.
West Lynn Cafe
Upscale vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options. My vegetarian parents love to go there.
As you can see, Austin is quite veggie friendly.

7 thoughts on “Goodby Austin… Hello Wal-Mart”

  1. I was looking for a recipe for vegan shortbread cookies and I stumbled upon your website (it’s a really nice website by the way).
    I don’t know if you like to read, but there is this book called “The Most Nobel Diet,” all about why veganisim is the best diet of all. I suggest that anyone that is willing to make the transition into veganisim read it.
    Also, I noticed that you don’t have a link to Pangea…. maybe you don’t know about it, but its an online store that sells all cruelty-free products. They also send out catalogues. They have some great treats (really yummy) and resonable prices. You can find them at
    Good luck and thanks for giving other vegans like me hope that there is intellegent life out there!
    Jessica Thomas

  2. Ellen! Not fair!
    You’re not allowed to be her friend before I’m her friend! After all, you did find this blog through a Yahoo! search for my blog.
    Blah. I’ll be in Austin at the end of next month. Can you say Cute Vegan Sushi Lunches and tofu pic-nics in the park? And random trips to Central Market!

  3. Kodee, are you and Ellen friends in real life? (as opposed to just ethereal internet friends) I wish I could go to Austin (but not actually in July) and have a pic-nic in the park and go to Central Market! I live in Michigan so let’s make a date to go to Austin next January or February, okay? I’ve never been.
    ***By the way thanks for the great comment Jessica. I have been to Pangea and I owe them a post, so good reminder.

  4. Yes, yes. Ellen is a friend of my cousins in Austin that I met last Summer at the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie premiere. We went in costumes. ^^; We’ve been friends ever since.
    Denise – I have NO Vegan friends except for Ellen. I would absolutely LOVE to meet you. Too bad you can’t come at the end of July. :( I’ll be in Austin from 25 July – 5 August. Will most definetely meet you there someday.

  5. Kodee,
    I’d love to be pals. I have no vegan friends at all. I know a couple of vegetarians, but no vegans. I’d love to go to Austin. I have wanted to since I read about it a couple of years ago. If we can hook up there, great.


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