Queso De Soya

Quesadilla, Mexican style soft white cheese alternative made with soy is good stuff. Very good.

queso de soya

I especially like the texture. It crumbles just like the white Mexican cheese I remember. It tastes very much like cheese and there is a reason for that. Not only does this cheese have casein in it, it also has: *Natural & cultured flavorings.

*Adds a dietary insignificant amount of Lactose. — Because they are adding actual cheese to it, or what one soy cheese manufacture called “super-ripened” cheese, in other words “natural & cultured flavors.” Now this manufacture (not of this brand) assured me that 1 oz. of super-ripened cheese would flavor almost 10 pounds of soy cheese, but I wonder.

If they are creating soy cheese out of about the same amount of real cheese, for me there is absolutely no point.

I’m doing this for the animals, not the cholesterol.

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