Partially Hydrogenated – Retraction

Carrot Earrings

I received a comment (very nicely put) from Mike Warner, who wanted to break through the denial I have been immersed in since I found Shedd’s Willow Run Soybean Margarine. Now, Mike didn’t know what he was doing, but his comment was the last straw. Wild Oats’ decision [to not use hydrogenated oils] was an earlier one.

Don’t think I am going to stop eating, baking or cooking with Willow Run, but I am going to monitor my intake, okay? I know that hydrogenated oils are bad, I actually know from experience…do you think I was kidding about the extra weight? When did it start? When I found Willow Run? Maybe…#@$%!!!

Incidentally, Mike creates jewelry and these carrot earrings are in his vegan jewelry collection.

Thanks for the wake up call, Mike.

3 thoughts on “Partially Hydrogenated – Retraction”

  1. Often it takes several coats of paint to change the color of a wall. Coats of Paint is how we learned to refer to the positive comments we can make and emphasis on eventual change rather than the all or nothing angry statements that often turn a person off. I did not know that several coats of paint had reached Denise before I got my brush out. Thanks for revealing the inner processes that go into change.
    If we keep that in mind- that our own personal change to veganism and animal rights compassion(and food awareness) is evolving gradually (unless a lightning bolt struck us) then we can perhaps move close friends and people we meet better by gentle reminders, coats of paint, and recounting our personal story.

  2. I used to work for an animal shelter…volunteer, actually, and they sold Wild Bryde jewelry in the shelter shop. The earrings were all beautifully crafted and I remember them fondly. I was so excited to see the link to the website on Almost Vegan. I love checking back here every day, Denise! Thanks!

  3. Ahhh, I been slippin’ Danielle. Lots of work lately and very little time to post. But I have to get back on it and I promised and promised myself that in the fall I will cook and bake again. From scratch!


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