TofuTown Tofu Tenders

I tried the Tamari flavor last night in a saute of onions, green beans, carrots over pasta and it was quite good. What I like best about Tofu Tenders is the burst of protein I got from them.

tofu tenders

They are by WhiteWave, the makers of Silk and come in 4 flavors including: Havana Black Bean, Mediterranean Tenders, and Sesame Ginger Teriyaki.

They are fully cooked, marinated, and ready in minutes just like the package says.


UPDATE – These are not made anymore.

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  1. Help please! I live in Plano, Tx. My local Tom Thumb store stoped stocking the tofu tenders. I’ve been in a huge hunt trying to find them, to no avail. Does ant one in the area know where i can buy them? Thanks for any help.
    Warmly, Pattin W.


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