Heat ‘n’ Serve Indian Dinners

Can you tell that I have been busy lately? The 2 last posts are package dinners. Well, summer’s almost over and chili is on the way.

dhingri mutter

If you like Indian food, these Tamarind Tree dinners might be good for a quick meal, especially if you have a microwave at work. They do not need to be frozen or refrigerated. They are “retort packaged” or vacuum packed so you can take them to work and leave them there for up to 24 months!

The only down side is you will have to bring a 1 1/2 quart microwave safe dish in which to make the rice, but the upside to that is the rice comes in these neat little pouches with holes in them. Get the water boiling, then submerge the rice pouch in the water and microwave it for 3-5 minutes. Take out the pouch and slit it open – no muss – nice rice.

Pita bread or tortillas are also suggested if you can’t do the rice.

I’ve only tried the Dhingri Mutter, extremely spicy, but good. I am going to try the rest of the vegan ones, 4 out of 8 are vegan – Alu Chole, Channa Dal Masala, Vegetable Jalfrazi.

I found them in my good health food store, and they are also for sale online [no longer for sale] at the Annie’s Homegrown website.

2 thoughts on “Heat ‘n’ Serve Indian Dinners”

  1. Would you believe my supermarket has those? They’re right next to the Patak’s canned veggie curry (“aloo mattar” means “potatoes and peas”, and I believe it’s vegan, although I don’t have the label in front of me).
    Amy’s has some Indian entrees, but the ones I’ve seen have been paneers, which have cheese in them.


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