Sugar Snap Peas

I have actually read the words – “There is no such thing as a fat vegan.” – Well, come to my house! I am blaming it on the summer, (pies, blueberry coffee cake, etc.) on this blog, (I have to eat to post!) on a lot of things, but the reason is I feel like I am denying myself (meat, dairy, eggs…) so I indulge myself.

3 peas

And it’s true, but I don’t want to be fat so before this gets totally out of hand I am taking steps and sugar snap peas are one of my weapons against total porkdom. I need to snack, I need a nice crunch and a sweet flavor and these peas do it. Eat them shell and all, crunch, crunch, but very tender.

There’s plenty around right about now and I am taking advantage of them.

Now, promise not to laugh when I make the Duncan Hines chocolate cake I have in the cupboard. (I have to eat to post!)

4 thoughts on “Sugar Snap Peas”

  1. i know what you mean about having to eat to post. sometimes i wonder if i’m living to blog or blogging to live. :-) i gain lbs. just by reading your posts, but who cares! eat and write on, sista!


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