Yves, The Good Bowl

I am a fan of Yves. Their insanely quick (2 min.) microwavable vegan foods save me on days I cannot cook for one reason or another. Mostly because I am tired and hungry.

Tai Lemongrass Veggie Chick'nSanta Fe Veggie BeefMac'n Soy Cheese

The Mac’n Soy Cheese has casein in it, but the rest are completely vegan. (for those who eat casein, the Mac’n Soy Cheese is really good) Both the Santa Fe Veggie Beef and the Thai Lemongrass Veggie Chick’n are quite spicy. Veggie Beef is my favorite.

3 thoughts on “Yves, The Good Bowl”

  1. Ah, I hope they do. They are good, and would be good to bring to work for lunch. — 2 minutes in the microwave and yum. You know I got these at Meyers, so you don’t have to go to good health food store or somewhere exotic to get them.


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