Switching 20% of Our Beef for Microbial “Meat” by 2050 Could Halve Deforestation

I used to eat meat. I come from a family of adamant meat eaters. I used to be the one to barbecue, and I was good at it. I miss that. To cook meat is not easy because you can hurt yourself and others if you do not cook it enough, especially pork.

You see, I like meat, but not really how it reacts once I swallow it, frankly. I don’t eat it because of that, but also because of the cruelty of the meat industry and its horrible effects on the environment.

When I look at all the processed food I cannot eat with meat in it at the store, I think of “fake” meat. Who the heck would know the difference in most of that processed food? Nobody…

Read the Story in technologynetworks.com, Original story from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research >>>

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