Trail Blaze, Bake-At-Home Oatmeal Energy Bars

Blaze Your Own Trail,
Bake Your Own Bar

Matisse & Jack’s oatmeal energy bars are exceptionally good and they are pretty easy to make. I used some homemade applesauce that I went over to Crane’s in Fennville and picked up. Good Applesauce = extra-good bars, but I bet these are good with any kind of applesauce and even yogurt (soy yogurt of course), which is another wet ingredient option.
Every thing about the product and the packaging is user friendly; from the great and friendly graphic directions on the box, to the tasty bars that you end up with. Don’t eat them all in one day like I did!
Here’s their website –

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  1. Just made these last night! While my mom’s allergen-laden coioeks are amazing (choco chip, coconut, pecans/walnuts . butter ), they’re also not worth provoking my dairy intolerance. These are super freaking delicious! And I’m very surprised at how indistinguishable the Eat Good (trying to remember the brand off the top of my head) chocolate chips are from regular semi-sweet chips! These coioeks are wonderful! Thank you!Also bought your book off Amazon last night based on these coioeks looking forward to making more great issue-free baked goods.


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