Finally, I Found a Vegan Morning Star Product

Frankly, I surprise myself that I even pick up anything made by Morning Star and check the ingredients anymore, after the countless disappointments I have had from them. It’s an example of my level of desperation out here in the middle of nowhere that I do, but my life here is not without its small thrills. This was one, looks to be completely vegan, check the info yourselves: Morning Star Farms >>

They’re pretty good, something different, which is always nice.

19 thoughts on “Finally, I Found a Vegan Morning Star Product”

  1. Their Chick’n Strip are too!
    I Just wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog to: and will be doing my blogging from there now. I will keep my old blog active for my blogroll, Daily OM, and as a backup. Swing by my new place when you have a minute to say hi! Have a great day!

  2. ah, the ever mysterious “natural flavors”.
    ps- i stumbled upon your blog yday and have been obsessively reading your archive since. love it!

  3. Hi,
    I am new to vegetarianism and appreciate your postings on the grocery items. Will most definitely try out the Morning Star offering.
    By the way, I am here in South Bend, IN, and noted
    you are in in Southwest Michigan? There are a couple of Farmer’s Markets here locally that carry fresh/organic foods. Also, there are a few small health/grocery stores. You might check out the Harmony Market and the Garden Patch.

  4. I know what ya mean about MSF stuff. Nice to see there is at least one vegan choice from them… they mean well, at least i hope/think they do!

  5. Indeed, Morning Star often disappoints. I am also in the middle of nowhere and miss the easy access to vegan cuisine.
    There are also Morning Star tvp chicken strips and tvp as loose hamburger. Very yummy. I was amazed to see my sister had the loose hambuger, she said it was an easy way to cut out fat from her diet…which may explain how these types of items are making their way into, in my case, rural areas.
    I am not so sure, but I think that there are also Morning Star sausage patties that are vegan, but you better check it.
    Now if I could just get my tofu, tvp, and tofutti products all in the same grocery I will be set.

  6. Hi, I ran across a post of yours from a few years back and you said you were from Beverly? Do you still live in the area? I only ask because right in Swampscott there is a Whole Foods Market…where you could find more things.. but yes I have found those meal starters to be vegan as well. I was surprised myself because I was all excited about them and was expecting to be disapointed by the words “egg whites” or “milk” but found NONE! They are quite good…

  7. I was all about their ‘burger’ crumbles until they started selling TVP at my local grocery store and realised that it would be way less money to just use that or make my own seitan and freeze it. I thought that the ‘chicken’ ones were gross but my hubby loves them

  8. The steak ones are okay, but the chik’n ones are my favorite meat analog in the world. You can use them for so many things, and they are delicious! The Wal-mart near my parents’ home in NW Michigan carries them, so yours may as well.

  9. Yes, the boca brand vegan chicken patties are great. I am trying the morning star chick strips this weekend..Have a great day Michelle Z. (new almost vegan too-hard time giving up dairy)


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