Curry Braised Gluten Tidbits

When I first tasted these Curry Braised Gluten Tidbits, actually I tasted the “sauce” in the can when I opened it to see how it would go with the vegetables I already had cooking in the pan, I thought uh-oh. This is going to be terrible.

The curry was not creamy as I had anticipated, it was rather oily, and both sweet and spicy at the same time. It tasted funny to me. But I tossed them in the pan anyway, threw in some more garlic and some fresh herbs and finished cooking it.

When it was all done and over rice I was pleasantly surprised. It has nice texture and a good spicy kick. It you want something that is very curry realize you’ll need to add some curry elements to it.

But this stuff is good vegan “meat.” Very different and interesting.

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6 thoughts on “Curry Braised Gluten Tidbits”

  1. Oooh, this looks quite interesting! I wonder if it’s available locally in SoCal. If not, Food Fight’s a great place… Thanks for the post, it is good to see your words here!!

  2. I’ve been getting cans of seitan from that particular brand for a while at my local asian grocery for about half the price that foodfight wants. Very yummy stuff, easy to toss in a frying pan with some other stuff for a quick dinner.

  3. These are great! The curry ones are awesome with chopped dried apricots, craisins, and onions. Just sautee that all up with some of the “juice” from the can and extra yellow curry powder. It sounds a bit odd, but it is a beautiful thing on rice.

  4. I ordered these but they were out. Have you gone on the companion foods website? They have a ton of really yummy looking food (but I was dissapointed with the peaking (sp?) duck)

  5. If you ever make the drive to Chicago, you can get these at an Asian grocer for cheap. I always stock up on meat analogs, coconut milk, curry pastes, etc. at ONU, which is on Broadway, just north of Belmont. Anyway, cans of this stuff are like $1.29, and they have a lot of similar ones in the same price range. Also, they have 8-packs of instant miso soup for like $3 per pack. It’s a great place.


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