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spicy kung pao

I happened upon this item in the international section of my local Wal-Mart. Oh, to go back to shopping at Wal-Mart after Whole Foods Market or even the Publix in Ft. Lauderdale, horrible! That’s why I looked at the international offerings, I thought “Maybe I’ll find something new and different”.

Well I did. It’s Simply Asian Spicy Kung Pao and it is good. The best part is you can order it online. No kidding.

Simply Asian Spicy Kung Pao (Wal-Mart) >>

Careful though, not everything they make is vegan. 3 of 4 of their noodle bowls are, but the Roasted Peanut has anchovy extract in it. They do have nice nutrition facts on each and every product so take a look.


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  1. Hi there
    Just surfing around and found you through Harmonia’s site. Simply Asia’s got some awesome, quick foods- you also might what to try Thai Kitchen brand They have decent stuff and most places I’ve shopped at carry it.
    I’ll be stopping by later, let me know if you’re a fan or not : )

  2. Nice to see you posting, Denise. I love this stuff, and always look for the “VEGAN” on the side panels of all this company’s Simply Asian stuff. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart but I’m sure their prices for this are better than what I pay!! :o)

  3. Amazingly enough, our Walmart here in the middle of Amish country stocks a nice selection of ethnic foods. I’ve tried 2 out of 4 of these bowls, and I actually really like them. I rarely eat any prepackaged food, but these were pretty simple and tasty!

  4. I have tried those before. We got them at Whole Foods in Phoenix. I understand about the Whole Foods to Walmart thing. While living in Phoenix, I loved Whole Foods. No such luck living in small beach county in California, where the rolling green hills meet the ocean. But I guess I can’t complain too much, because we have some of the best Farmer’s Markets in the whole world.

  5. What a lovely site. Well, I have to look for this stuff at Wal-Mart. We are in a small town with limited offerings, but this is a good tip. Thank!

  6. Hi Denise
    Great blog, I’m going to really enjoy the recipe for the samosa’s – thanks.
    I’m actually from the UK but have experience of Wal Mart in that they took over one of our supermarket chains called Asda.
    Asda is okay but never seen as the best one certainly, in our area at least. Lots of rumours were flying around about Wal Mart exercising their corporate muscle to take over the UK supermarket scene but this never transpired.
    I wonder whether you have considered visiting organic farm shops?
    We have a couple locally and they always surprise us with how much they stock. It’s not just about fruit and veg, they also have big ranges of condiments, fresh pastry and other baked products, bread and have some really delicious pesto and sauces for many types of meals.
    Could be worth a try. Keep blogging!

  7. I’ve had these noodles before, and they are a little disappointing to be honest. I’ve had Thai food before that was vegan and outstanding. These noodles don’t get anywhere near that.

  8. Came across this site while surfing around looking for info on this new product I got from Costco, these Simply Asia take out boxes, you get 4 for a bit over $4. There’s two spicy kung pao and 2 soy ginger noodles. Pretty good for a cheap lunch at work and quite filling.
    I wasn’t sure how to start a new thread but has anyone ever tried Tasty Bites Indian foods? Most are vegan and have no preservatives, come in handy little dishes with plastic-ware. The vegetable curry was surprisingly delicious and the lentil soup was just as good as any chili I’ve had. The spinach bartha is awesome, too.
    Just thought you might like a referral. Thanks!

  9. Why are you shopping at Wal-mart? It is one of the most unethical employers in the world not to mention they shut down every small business in their path. If you are going to be vegan/vegetarian you need to put the whole picture together. Why support a business that sells massive quantities of harmful food? Even if you are not buying unethical products you are still supporting companies that do so by buying from them.

  10. Misty, I wish I didn’t have to shop at Wal-Mart, I live out in the middle of nowhere and I could not get a great number of vegan foods like soy yogurt and other things without driving 50 miles if I did not go to Wal-Mart, no matter what price I was willing to pay. Now if I told you I drove 50 miles for this or that food, you would comment — “Why are you driving so much, you have to look at the whole picture if you are vegan, the planet is dying from pollution…
    I think tolerance and understanding will help alleviate some of the pain on the animals. When people that are vegan and are not tolerant, and behave like fundamentalist anything, they usually only succeed in turning people off. If everyone on the planet just ate meat a few less days a week, that would be much less pain for animals.
    I think like that.
    (***Misty, I have taken this opportunity to respond to a lot of comments I have been receiving that I feel are a bit strong. Frankly, yours was sensible enough for me to post to, most I cannot say what I am thinking. Thanks for your comment.)


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