Frieda’s SoyTaco Meatless Filling

SoyTacoI love Frieda’s, though it is a bit high-end price-wise, even at Wal-Mart. After shopping at Whole Foods Market, Wal-Mart’s offerings are sorry, but it’s cheap. Very cheap cause there’s not much there to buy.
They do have many Frieda’s products in the produce section, I love Soyrizo and have posted a couple of my fave recipes on almost vegan: Soyrizo Potato Vegetable Saute and Soyrizo Veggies & Yellow Rice.
I have looked at the SoyTaco a million times, but always passed for something else. Well, I was so bored by the limited inventory, I grabbed it the other day just to try something different.
It’s good, it’s Frieda’s. I used it in a kinda different (and lazy) way. I had some cold rice, a few veggies, so I made a Mexican fried rice (no eggs) and the SoyTaco spiced and flavored it up just the amount I was hopping it would.

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