Snapea Crisps

snapea-product-image.jpgHey, look at this:
Snapea Crisps, by Calbee SNACK SALAD.
I am always looking for alternative snacks, especially vegetable based. These Snap peas that taste fried, but are actually baked, were an interesting find. They don’t taste too much like snap peas (which I love), and that was a bit of a disappointment. They have a very delicate crunch, much less crunchy than fresh snap peas. They come in two flavors, Original and Caesar, the latter I suspect is not vegan.
I happened upon a bag of the Original flavor at the Publix right around the corner from the hospital my mom is in. Not exceptionally crunchy, but I did eat the whole bag in less than half an hour.

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  1. There is something interesting about the Snapea Crisps. I tried the Caesar, and although the texture was somewhat odd (I kept swearing they were fried) they were pretty good. I can’t say I’ll eat them obsessively, but not bad for a snack every now and then.

  2. I love these!!! I only eat the plain (Original) variety (vegan, as far as i can tell) and they are soooooooo yummy!! I get ’em at a good price at Trader Joe’s.

  3. they are awesome, they taste so good. i bought a pack of caesar ones the other day and they were totally gross, but the original one is awesome. once you pop, you cant stop!

  4. I just tried some tonight – and while they are tasty – I think they are greasy and way too salty to be anywhere close to healthy.
    Why can’t manufacturers get it that some people want minimal oils and the minimum amount of salt in a snack?
    I love “just fruits and just veggies” particularly their just peas.
    There is nothing at all addded to these snacks (just dehydration) and they taste amazing.
    I am now tempted though to take snap peas, lightly dab them with a much healthier oil and no salt and bake them myself.

  5. I have been looking for these on the net ever since my sister, who works at Trader Joe’s gave some for this past Christmas. I just found an order site on the net:
    Hope this helps. Snapea Crisps rule. They taste awesome and are low cal. My sister just brought me five bags on her semi-annual visit. I’m not close enough to Boston to go to Trader Joe’s, so it’s nice to know you can order them. They are remarkably more expensive from the website, though…

  6. I had the Original Snapea Crisps and they are great, it was my friends’ bag and I almost ate the whole bag…oops. I believe you can also get these at Whole Foods. I thought they were fried, but are actually baked. Awesome!! :)

  7. I am not vegan nor a vegetarian (please dont hate me) BUT I love snapea crisps! both flavors. my mom introduced me & my sister to them & I have been hooked ever since. Imnot a fan of peas (unless they are the chinese peapods) but these I LOVE. They are just so hard to find. only one store in my area carries it but since they are so popular they always sell out quickly!


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