SoyTreat Cultured Soy Milk Smoothie

soy_berry.gifWell, I am in Florida for a bad thing, (my mom’s illness) but on a brighter note I have found the biggest Whole Foods Market I have ever seen in my life! (and I’ve been to one in LA — half the size) It’s on Glades Road in Boca Raton.
They have all sorts of prepared fresh vegan food that they sell for $6.99 a pound. (I am going to go broke, I’m sure) and a bunch of vegan items (packaged) that I have never seen before.
I am sitting on the screened in porch right now, it is 80 degrees, and I’m sipping this Lifeway, SoyTreat Strawberry Smoothie. It has live & active kefir cultures, but is non-dairy. I used to love kefir when I was a non-vegan, so when I saw it, I grabbed it.
Pretty tasty.

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  1. Whoa, am I jealous of the warm weather and the sipping of delicious vegan drinks purchased from a mammoth WF. (Ugh, Pittsburgh, why are you so cold and gray?!) Nice site. I hope you mom gets better soon :)

  2. Another really delicious drink that is kind of in the same vein as this is Naked Smoothies, by the Naked Juice company. I have tried two–Chocolate Karma and Vanilla Chai. They taste amazing and have like 24 grams of protein each. I highly recommend them.

  3. I’ve been to that Whole Foods! It was vegan HEAVEN. I have a friend who works at a restaurant called Mon Ami which is in that same shopping center.

  4. Hey, there!
    I’m really sorry about this, but check the URL ( for Lifeway’s page on ‘Soy Treat’ (which is what the soy kefir is)–it says it contains traces of dairy. I was so excited when I saw your page in a search (did a search of ‘vegan kefir’ on Google, as I have just recently decided to avoid animal products and have been looking up all sorts of vegan versions of foods I am afraid I will not get to have again). What do you think of that? I am actually in North Carolina right now, although I am from Florida and have a friend at school in Sarasota, who claims to have the biggest and most amazing Whole Foods. I think South Florida is full of them. Have you come across any other vegan kefir? [I just saw somewhere else that you could make your own kefir with a kefir starter, like the one Lifeway sells, but the cultures do not continue to generate as they would in dairy.] I’m gonna keep on lookin’!


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