Baha Fresh in Florida

I finally tried Baha Fresh.
Read my last entry about the restaurant >>>
I am in Florida. My mom had open heart surgery, and myself and my 3 sisters have been taking turns coming down here and being at her bedside. She is still in the hospital in critical condition so we are just hoping for the best.
I’m so sorry everyone for the total lack of posts. I will try to do better. Thanks for all the comments from intelligent vegan readers. I think sometimes the comments on Almost Vegan are more informed than my content.
If anyone has some insight into “Datem” which has been suggested to be in Uncrustables, I’d love a link to more info.

5 thoughts on “Baha Fresh in Florida”

  1. I’m sorry your mother is ill. If you are anywhere near Tampa, try to find an Evos. They have a vegan burger which is pretty good (I was in Tampa recently for a happy event).

  2. Datem is a kind of diglyceride, which are more often than not, animal-derived. Unless the label specifies that the diglycerides are vegetable derived, I usually just assume that it is animal derived.


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