Vegan Egg Rolls

Van 100% Vegetarian Egg Rolls
I found these VAN 100% Vegetarian Egg Rolls in the “deli” (it’s not a deli, it’s just a refrigerated island of packaged food) section of my super Wal-Mart. Right next to some brats and brie. It’s funny, I never look in there, but wandered over and found these. I read the ingredients and couldn’t believe it.
They are pretty good for egg rolls minus the eggs.
Be warned, they make 4-5 different kinds, the rest have meat in them.
*(of note) Angela, a new reader who has taken a great interest in Almost Vegan, emailed me about these egg rolls the very next day after I found them. I think they must be new, at least at Wal-Mart.

2 thoughts on “Vegan Egg Rolls”

  1. I love those. While I was visiting family, there were not many vegan options available at family gatherings so I ate a lot of these egg rolls. They are SO good.

  2. OH, IT WAS MY FIRST EGG ROLL IN AGES!!!!! My Wal-Mart finally got them in stock! If you wouldn’t of posted this I wouldn’t of took the time to check them out. Now where’s the damn Soy Yogurt?!


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