Vegan Granola Bar

I found one.
Now I have been looking for a vegan granola bar for some time now. I don’t know how many bar’s ingredient lists I have read and it surprised me that I didn’t find one that was vegan. Always milk in them. I had almost given up.
But then I noticed the Full Circle brand on this package and because I have recently discovered Full Circle, (Hey, I live out in the middle of nowhere) I thought what the heck.
I tried the wild berry. Yum. They have a little, Rice Crispy Treat-like texture to them. Don’t be fooled though, their Cobbler Cereal Bars do have milk in them. Rats!

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  1. Nature valley granola bars (except the ones with yogurt and the honey oat kind) are all vegan and delicious. They are also very healthy and 100% natural!


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