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Making Soyboy RavioliLook at this – Soy Boy’s New Website!
It is really nice with shots of the actual people making the food and great quotes like: “Traditional tofu masters have a saying that there are two things they will not show another person: how to make babies and how to make tofu.” – The Book of Tofu
I learned of their new site, because a very nice man in their company emailed me today. He happened upon my Almost Vegan review of their Soy Boy ravioli and here is his review of my review:
Hello Denise,
I just stumbled across your review of our tofu ravioli and was thrilled to read it. We don’t think you could have put it any better. I printed it out and have it hanging in our break room so everyone here can see it. That kind of positive feedback really means a lot to us. I also wanted to let you know that we do have two other varieties of ravioli and several other products that you can see at, now that the site is up. Thanks for the support!
Kind regards,
Northern Soy, Inc.
345 Paul Road
Rochester, NY 14624
Tel: (585)235-8970
Fax: (585)235-3753

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  1. I used to get Soy Boy Ravioli here in Kansas City at Wild Oats, but they quit carrying it. I don’t find it at Whole Foods either. Can you tell me where I can buy it in KC? I miss it!


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