Boca Burgers at Bennigans

The Original Boca Burgers are vegan, and not a bad tasting burger.
Boca Burgers - Original, Vegan
You have to be careful with Boca and Morning Farms especially. I always want to eat their stuff, but much of Boca has cheese in it and almost all of Morning Farms has egg inside.
Boca’s stuff is fairly well marked.
I was out to lunch with a client that would not really get or (I think) appreciate vegan. (nice guy though) He took me to Bennigans and I was so happy to see a Boca Burger on the menu I jumped at it.
It was really, really good. Very thick and juicy. Now maybe Bennigans just cooks them extremely well or…maybe they serve the Boca Burgers with cheese in them.
I realized they have 2 different kinds later and I don’t have the heart to call up Bennigans and ask. Oh well, no big deal either way, but I really wanted that burger to be vegan.

3 thoughts on “Boca Burgers at Bennigans”

  1. Well, when you eat out a lot, you just have to realize that a lot of the things you get aren’t going to be vegan, regardless of the ingredients. Not all margerines are dairy free, things are often cooked on the same grill or in the same oil as meats, blah blah, etc. You’re not a bad vegan for it, you’re just doing what you have to do. It’s silly to think anyone can be completely vegan anyway, unless you live in a commune. :)
    Props to us for having the strength and courage to live and eat how we like! And once again, thanks for the great site!

  2. Boca is great tasting (as are many unhealthy food items) but are they non genetically modified? We can’t seem to find the answer to this high ranking concern of ours. Could it still be termed “vegan” if the soy is gm?


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