I may be cheating…

croissants.gifBut look at these Prime Pastries Croissants, real croissants, and there are no dairy ingredients listed. Now there is a disclaimer on the back of the bag: MAY CONTAIN TRACE AMOUNTS OF MILK INGREDIENTS. But I was so curious as to how they tasted, I was willing to take that risk. (I’m almost vegan for God’s sake)
They are really tasty.
Am I bad, you think…?

10 thoughts on “I may be cheating…”

  1. Newman-O’s are my favorite, with a glass of soy milk. (I think they’re vegan, I haven’t seen anything! But I’m vegetarian, just prefer vegan food, I gotta have my cheese!).

  2. Hi,
    I’m from Brazil and I have a Bagel Bakery, and if it’s possible I would like to know bagel’s sandwich sugestions to make in my Bistro.

  3. I don’t think you’re bad. The “MAY CONTAIN TRACE AMOUNTS OF MILK INGREDIENTS” is likely there because the croissants were made on machines that also process products with milk in them. The target audience is people with food allergies, but if one is trying to avoid foods that are not processed on vegan equipment, the label could be used for that, too. Personally, I just look at the indredients. If I was that concerned about eating something that might be a bit non-vegan, I wouldn’t be eating anything but whole foods.

  4. Thanks Blue, that is actually what I think too.
    Julio, You know, I used to work in a bagel shop when I lived in LA. We made bagel sandwiches there. My favorite was vegetables on a sun dried tomato bagel with (I was not vegan at that time) veggie cream cheese.
    I have the recipe for you (a vegan version of the above) and it is going to be my next post!
    Joey, I miss the cheese more than anything. Some of the soy cheese that is out now is really good.

  5. It is great that you are making somewhat of an effort to not eat animals, but when you say that you were willing to take a risk on consuming dairy.. just made me sick. “Almost Vegan,” is the worst phrase I have ever heard. There is no such thing; you either are or you’re NOT, plain and simple. Sorry if this comment comes across as being mean, but I am very offended when people claim to share my vegan lifestyle and don’t really care. Being vegan is the ONLY way to have a pure body and save innocent animals; it hurts when I know some don’t care about that fact. <3 always, a true vegan

  6. Ah, bit of a psycho-vegan then, aren’t we Cat?
    Cat, I have not eaten an animal, had ice cream, or a glass of milk, or real cheese, or cake or pastry made with eggs/milk products, no butter either, for over 5 years.
    Now I appreciate you think it is great that I make “somewhat” of an effort not to eat animals. Somewhat? How many animals do you think I hurt because I allow myself to eat casein so I can stay on my vegan diet?
    Oh, I am not really a vegan like yourself, right?
    Well then %$#! it. I gonna give up.
    Yeah, I’m gonna go out right now and eat a steak, then some cake with ice cream on top and maybe have a really thick shake with dinner. I am not a “real” vegan, so why bother? I’m not gonna do it anymore, at all!
    You win.

  7. cat,
    Your commment was very closed minded. While I think it’s great that you have strong beliefs and stick to your ideals 100%, I don’t feel that it is right to discourage others who are trying to do the best they can. It is better to chose some vegan foods some of the time than none at all. Most of the vegan’s that I asked have no problem eating products with trace amounts of animal products because they feel that those labels are for people with severe allergies and this doesn’t interfere with their vegan beliefs. Try to be more open minded and accepting of others lifestyles.

  8. me again, sorry. i see cat has posted the same comment on both the casein and ‘may contain traces of milk’ incidents. as far as i’m concerned those two things are highly different – we live in the real world, not a laboratory. ‘may contain traces of milk’ simply means, like blue said, that the product was made in a facility that also uses milk. while it is unfortunate that any facility uses milk, many companies don’t have enough money to have seperate production lines for milk or egg free products. this makes as much sense as someone who would refuse to eat from a clean plate because their housemates previously used for something non-vegan. perhaps it’s gross to some, but shouldn’t be a real threat to anyone’s veganism.

  9. I have to say to Cat. Yes, about the “almost vegan” thing. I have to say, I’m “ALMOST VEGAN”. Why? Because while I make a huge effort to be vegan in almost every way, sometimes there are more important things in life. Like encouraging someone who is really making an effort. What you posted is like a teacher saying “oh, you got 79 out of 80 questions right, you must be really stupid. Did you study at all?” It’s just rude and if someone is just starting and really trying, that post would just kill their spirit completely. I know if someone posted that to me, that eating “trace amounts of milk” makes me a non-vegan and horrible person, I’d be crushed. I’d quit right there. So maybe you should think next time before you criticize people who are obviously trying to make an effort. Your high horse will appreciate the break.

  10. I have to say I appreciate all the sensible thinking about veganism here. Although for some, the purity of an ideal seems to become a flaming passion in itself, the rest of us live in a real world where we do our best.
    Consider, if one person is ‘almost vegan’ and in the process shows many other people how delicious and often simple vegan eating can be, that person may in turn inspire others to eat less meat.
    Then consider the vegan zealot that spits gall at all the impure barbarians that eat meat and milk. That person is certainly going to alienate a lot of people to veganism.
    The net result is that the positive almost vegan lifestyle, is, by it’s cumulative effect on other people going to result in less animals hurt than the zealots approach. So, the fanatic is by his or her fanaticism hurting his or her own cause.
    Oh and thanks for clearing out the ‘traces of’ issue. I already knew the term means ‘made on equipment that is in contact with X’, but it’s nice to get some reassurement. I eat vegan food exclusively for health reasons, so I just wanted to know that there aren’t substantial amounts of X if it says traces of. My body can handle traces of pretty much anything without complaining, I’m sure. ;)


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