Vegan Comfort Food – Cream of Wheat

Cream Of Wheat
It’s cold and I need a little comfort these days so out comes the Cream of Wheat. Maybe you think I’m nuts, but if you have never, or haven’t tried it since becoming vegan, get yourself some Cream of Wheat.
The trick is to toss in a handful of raisins just after you poured the cream of wheat into the boiling water. Then the raisins get all plump and juicy. I use water when making it and then pour nice cold soy milk over to eat. Yum…cozy.

4 thoughts on “Vegan Comfort Food – Cream of Wheat”

  1. Hi,
    I’m from Brazil and I have a Bagel Bakery, and if it’s possible I would like to know bagel’s sandwich sugestions to make in my Bistro.

  2. I know what you mean, I LOVE cream of wheat! I have it for breakfast usually, but man is it good! And it’s almost sweet, you don’t have to add anything unless you want to. I add these organic wild blueberries I have, they come in a frozen package and when you add them to the boiling crem of wheat the whole thing turns an intense purple color :)
    For bagel sandwich…anything you can do with bread you can do with bagel.
    Are you vegan? I’m going to assume that as most bistros aren’t then neither is yours. In that case:
    -smoked salmon and cream cheese
    -hummus with lettuce and tomato (vegan)
    -ham and swiss cheese
    -a mix of sliced veggies, like cucumber, lettuce, tomato, bell peppers, etc
    Good luck with the bistro!

  3. Hi, I’m french and I went to America this summer, I ate some cream of wheat and I love it ! But, in France, it’s impossible to find ! Do you know where I could buy on internet? Thanks.


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