Lentil Soup

I’ve been sick the last week or so, ever since the election. (no kidding) Just a cold.
Amys Lentil Soup
So I’ve been eating a lot of soup. I love Amy’s, and I tried both the No Chicken Noodle, which I actually do not really recommend and last night had the Lentil, which I absolutely love.
I had it with some SoyMoon Havarti with Dill (soy cheese, but contains casein) on crackers. A great complement and I must say the Havarti was really good.

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  1. Mmmmm, soup. I, too, love these soups. I also love the boxed soups (the brand escapes me…). My favorites are the butternut squash and corn chowder. So delicious in the fall.
    Also, I’m so excited because I FINALLY found some Liz Lovely cowboy cookies yesterday! It’s been a long wait, but my sweet tooth will finally be satisfied!


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